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Worm Gear Speed Reducer






  • NEMA and IEC standards
  • Ratio from 5:1 upto 3,600:1
  • 1/4 HP to 300 HP
  • High quality double lips oil seals
  • Heat treated and ground shafts
  • Ground worm thread
  • Stepped shafts
  • Alloy bronze wheel
  • Rugged cast iron gear case & bearing housing
  • Tapered roller bearing on output shafts
  • Removable base for universal-mount
  • Long lasting service life
  • Limited one year warranty

Helical Gear Speed Reducer






  • According to German Institute for Standardization (DIN) design-high efficiency, high strength, and low noise.
  • Complete specifications come out diverse installations.
  • Cast iron made housing strengthen the crash-against.
  • In order to improve the intensity and service life of gear reducer, the speed ration of 30:1 ~ 120:1 are designed as three stages gear sets, and the speed ratio 5:1 ~ 25:1 have two stages and three stages at your choice.
  • Differing from only one bearing support, our two bearings support input pinion come out steady rotation.
  • Motor’s shaft insert design on input flange made easily to install IEC or NEMA motor.
  • Wide range ration from 5:1 ~ 120:1.
  • Horsepower range from 1/4HP to 78HP.
  • Gear parts with precise procession make gears rotation even quieter and more efficient.
  • Installation and shaft dimensions are compatible with German Brand..
  • Beautify the appearance and lighten the weight.
  • One year limited warranty.


Helical+Worm Gear Speed Reducer






  • Design conception: combination of standardization and modularization to be compatible with international leading brands. With characteristic of rigid structure and compact body.
  • Low noise: gathering the advantage of helical gear high efficiency and worm gear smooth transmission, the transmission is more stable and less noise compare with standard helical gear speed reducer.
  • More ratios choice: the ratio range is between 8:1 ~ 210:1 which overcome the small ratio range issue of worm gear speed reducer.
  • Loading range: it can be freely chosen from 1/4HP up to 30HP according to different requirements and application.
  • Better strength: pinion, gear and worm shaft are 20CrMo alloy steel with carbonized treatment. And, the worm wheel is aluminum bronze which offers better strength and endurance.
  • Self-lock: in certain condition, it’s not reversible from output shaft (self-lock) makes transmission movement be safer.
  • Convenient for mounting: every models are suitable for any mounting position (M1~M6) as per different application. It’s easier and also more convenient.
  • Nice appearance with strong structure.
  • One year limited warranty.



Hollow Shaft Speed Reducer







  • Elegant appearance by powder coated on housing prevents from rusting. The mounting dimension is compatible with Italian gearboxes.
  • Aluminum alloy die-cast gearbox with light weight advantage.
  • Highly accuracy.
  • Forward and backward transmitting available.
  • Stable transmission with reduced vibration and noise.
  • Various optional accessories with easy installation.
  • Weight reduced design, can install right upon the equipment without trouble.
  • Enlarge radiated area for heat and increase durability.
  • Universal installation design, suitable for all different application of position.
  • High strength Hollow Output Shaft, higher loading duty than cast iron shaft.
  • Cr-Mo Alloy Steel Input Shaft with carburized treatment and teeth polished. Extremely strengthens the structure.
  • One year limited warranty.


Gear Motor





  • Compact Size
  • Foot Mounting and Flange Mounting
  • With Motor
  • Extend Shaft without Motor
  • With Motor Flange
  • One year limited warranty.

Paddle Wheel





  • Electric Motor
  • “CHENTA” Gear Reducer
  • Water-proof Cover
  • Stainless Steel Transmitting Shaft
  • Impeller
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Floater
  • One year limited warranty.



ISO9002 Certificated & Innovation


5-S Drive: Order, Reorganize, Sweep, Clean, Cultivation (pronounced in Japanese).


Awarded ISO 9002 international quality certification.


Converted ISO 9002 to ISO 9001-2000 version


September: obtain ISO9001:2008 certificated



Successfully developed the largest horse power size 400 worm gear reducer in Taiwan for the usage in Taiwan Sugar Mill Company.


Successfully developed size 500 and size 625 large HP worm gear reducers for steel mill application.


Completed Kwo-Lian Steel Mill Company's 800 HP roller mill gearbox. Customer was pleased with the quality.


The president Mr. M. C. Chen is awarded the most outstanding alumnus honor by National Cheng Kung University

Quality Control






Purchased gear tester from Osaka Seimitsu, Japan.


Cooperated with Department of Mechanical Engineering in National Cheng Kung University to import Finite Element Analysis-FEA technology to optimize the design of our gear products.




Having a new 3-Dimensions Inspection Equipment, with horizontal CNC machine, upgrade the accuracy of machining job